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What’s on in Montréal

Festivals and Events

An incredible cultural effervescence infuses entertainment venues, among the best in the country, and spills out into the streets, home to major international events and a host of free shows.

For the complete calendar of events in Montréal, visit Tourisme Montréal’s website. You can also get inspiration from our regularly updated lists of MTL Experiences, to find the perfect activity for you.

Looking for something to do that’s a bit off the beaten path? Want to see what’s on Montréal’s stages and screens tonight or tomorrow? Visit La Vitrine, Montréal’s last-minute ticket source for lots of fabulous entertainment ideas!

Must-see attractions

Incredible entertainment, historic architecture, glorious food, vibrant culture and a night life that never stops: Montréal has it all, but where to start? From the fresh air and city views of Mount Royal to late-night carousing, put these on your to-do-in-Montréal list.

If you are interested in visiting many of Montréal must-see attractions, take advantage of the Passeport Mtl, for an easy access to close to 30 attractions, including unlimited public transportation.

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Calendrier des événements
From May 1 to 2, 2016



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